Blog Action Day 2010 – Blogging Challenge#4

This week’s task for the Student Blogging Challenge is to be part of the Blog Action Day 2010. This years theme for Blog Action Day is Water.

When I think about water saving in our dry continent I think of a man named Peter Andrews. He is a farmer from the Northern Hunter Valley in New South Wales. He has developed a farming system which is founded on working with nature . . . . . not against it. This system is called Natural Sequence Farming.

3 thoughts on “Blog Action Day 2010 – Blogging Challenge#4

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  2. Dear Indy,
    I thought these were very interesting videos…I went and watched a couple of them on YouTube. The idea of restoring the natural lay of the land is one that I think is gaining lots of popularity.

    While Peter Andrews has done this to help the dry climate, I hear about another place that is doing almost the same thing for a very different reason. New Orleans, Louisana, USA sits very near the USA coast line. Many years ago, before all the development of the city, wetland marshes (which are similar to what Mr. Andrews is creating, protected the New Orleans area from devastating hurricanes.

    As a hurricane approached landfall, it had to go through all these marshlands first. Since it couldn’t fuel itself very well, the energy of the hurricane started to go down. This made the hurricane weaker than it would have been without the wetlands. Some scientists believe it is something that protected New Orleans from the hurricane disaster it endured about 5 years ago. So now you see lots of nature groups in and around New Orleans, trying to restore the natural water sheds and marshes that were once there.

    You see what I mean that Mr. Andrews and the people of New Orleans are trying to do the same thing? They have very different reasons.

    Thanks for the YouTube channel….I will definitely use these with my class when we start our science unit about weathering and erosion.

    Mrs. R

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