7 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge#2-Avatar

  1. I love your avatar. I made one with the same website. I think I did the avatar challage. Do you remember if you made it with tizme?

    please reply

  2. Hi Anna,
    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog.
    I did make my avatar with tizme.

  3. Dear Indy
    I love your avatar it’s super cute! I created my avatar on your wild self. Because i’m wild like that. I looked like a normal person until i added bat wings, peacock tail, and antlers. I looked hilarious! Once again cute avatar and what website did you create your avatar on?

  4. Hi Amanda,
    Thanks for the thoughtful comment.
    I created my avatar on Tizme. Your avatar sounds funny and crazy!
    I can’t wait to see it.

  5. I love your avatar. I created an avatar myself. I created my avatar on Build Your Wild Self. it was really fun. Why did you create your avatar like that? Where did you create your avatar?

  6. Hi Indy, Bree here.

    I love your avatar 🙂 I made mine on a site called Otaku Avatar Maker, however when I went to change it I was unable to attach it properly.

    Please keep visiting my blog and leave comments on http://breemb4.edublogs.org/



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