Student Blogging Challenge#2-Voki

Can You Guess Where?

Please take a look at my Voki!

I have made it for the Student Blogging Challenge task.

It is the grey cat situated in my sidebar. She will give you some clues about a place I have always wanted to visit. Listen to the clues and leave a comment telling me your answer and where you have always wanted to go. I will not publish the comments until next week to give everyone a chance to answer.

Good luck!

Indy ( :

8 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge#2-Voki

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  2. Indy,
    Just wanted to give you a heads up….I was so impressed with your Voki that I posted in on our class blog. I asked my students to come and visit….and try and help figure out “Can you Guess Where”.

    We’ll try and do this next week and I think you’ve given them a great example.

    Mrs. R

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  4. Dear Indy,
    You were the source of my classes’ inspiration last week. Many of them visited your blog and loved your voki. Then last week they tried making one, too.

    They had a bit of trouble learning how to paste into the HTML tab of their blog…but once they figured that out, they loved it. You should visit their vokis and see if you can guess our locations, too.

    Thanks again,

    Mrs. R and her 6th and 7th hour classes

  5. I think its Antarctica and I would like to visit Sweden because I like the snow and snowboard.

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